RenderStream Announces 12 TFLOP Systems

RenderStream is pleased to announce our cost effective VDACTr8 systems that utilize up to eight Nvidia GTX 580 cards packing up to 4096 CUDA cores and 12 TFLOPs of compute power in a single workstation or 4U rack mounted system. These systems are low cost, high performance alternatives for certain types of HPC and GPU rendering applications.

RenderStream has noticed that a growing number of its HPC customers are running applications that do not require large amounts of GPU memory nor double precision. To that end, we have developed and deployed multi-GTX based systems for our customers to meet this demand. Though it is true that GTX cards are not designed for the rigors of an HPC environment, we find that many of our customers are willing to overlook that aspect due to their low cost and extremely high computational abilities.

It should be noted that we always recommmend Tesla over GTX because it is the defining and supported HPC solution. This is not a reflection on the quality of the GTX card. We just want our customers to be aware that using GTX cards in an HPC environment is not what they were truly designed to do.

That being said, we have customers running GTX cards at fairly high load with no failures thus far. We build these systems for early application development and for the cases where Tesla is simply the wrong tool for the job.

Based on customer input, the GTX 470 single GPU card replaces the discontinued GTX 295. Moreover, the eight card GTX 580 system far surpasses, in terms of compute power, our discontinued 16-GPU solution using 8 GTX 295 cards.

Below are estimated prices of an 8X GTX 580 system compared to an 8X Tesla C2050 system:

RenderStream VDACTr8 / GTX 580 GPGPU
Dual X5650 2.67GHz 6-core,
12GB memory
80 GB X25-5 SSD boot drive
500 GB HDD data drive
3 year factory warranty
Price: $14,225 (U.S. Price Only)

Compared to..

RenderStream VDAC8Tr8 / C2050 GPGPU
Dual X5650 2.67GHz 6-core
24 GB memory
80 GB X25-5 SSD boot drive
500 GB HDD data drive
3 year factory warranty
Price: $28,295 (U.S. Price Only)

For more information on these systems or to request a quote please contact us at 512-850-4098 or email us at

Note: Due to the current high demand of the GTX 580, lead time for these systems could be up to 45 days from time of purchase. Prices above are estimates.