VDAC – Hardware Solutions For GPU Rendering

RenderStream is pleased to announce our GPU based product line ideal for GPU renderers such as V-Ray and Octane. The RenderStream VDAC (Visualization and Data Analysis Cluster) family of products come equipped with 2-8 GPUs in a single workstation. Whether you are a freelancer looking for a GPU based production workstation or a large studio in need of a GPU server farm, look no further than RenderStream.

Why use GPU rendering?
The iterative process of evaluating multiple test renders to achieve a final result can be very time consuming. Make a change, render it, see how it looks and repeat the process on and on…It is section of the production pipeline that GPU rendering will have the greatest affect. In the near future we will start to see GPU based rendering for final shots, but we aren’t quite there yet. Nonetheless, the speed advantages a studio gains by using GPU based rendering during the creative process of approaching a final shot, cannot be over looked.

Why would you want a GPU server farm?
The short answer is licensing. For example, V-Ray’s RT for GPUs renderer allows up to 10 servers per license regardless of how many GPUs are on that machine. Packing as many GPUs into a single server can allow studios to get the most bang for their buck. In terms of computation density, our 8 GPU workstations (or 7 GPU + QDR Infiniband) are among the highest on the market today and are the perfect solution for a GPU server farm.

Another reason is to take advantage of distributed GPU rendering. Just like with a traditional renderfarm comprised of CPUs, certian GPU based renderers allow you to access the GPUs power over a network. This eliminates the need to have all the available GPU “horsepower” at your desk, it can be housed in your server room along with your traditional CPU renderfarm.

We would like to point out that we can deliver systems with up to 16 GPUs today and have plans to roll out systems with 32 GPUs, 64 GPUs and beyond. Additional information on these systems will require an NDA. These systems will be targeted for large scale studios and will ultimately be the fastest render farm solutions on the planet.

For a more detailed presentation on our GPU based VDAC product line including our high end Maya-based compositors  using a perfect balance of processors / GPU-acceleration / memory / IO please download this pdf: http://www.renderstream.com/VDAC.pdf. System specs can be found on pages 9-12.

If you are interested in a quote, you can get in touch with us at 512-850-4098 or email us at info@renderstream.com